Kitchen Encounters is one of the founding members of the Annapolis Design District, and are now one of the Premier Design members. Mark T. White, owner of Kitchen Encounters is currently serving as President of the organization, and Jessica White, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at K.E. has previously served as Secretary and Committee Chair for Events, and is currently Committee Chair for Marketing, and a participating member of the Events and Beautification Committees. We are strong supporters and believers in the Annapolis Design District, and are very excited to see the future of the organization and the community in which it resides.

The Beautification committee has been working hard to come up with ways to unify and enhance the industrial area in which the majority of its member businesses are located. We were recently presented with an amazing opportunity to bring in a group of very talented street artists to paint a handful of murals throughout the area. In order to introduce this concept to our members, our business associates, and the surrounding neighborhoods, we hosted our Third Annual Summer Block Party here at Kitchen Encounters, with a theme ‘Art in Action’. In addition to some live artists and artisans, we had two local artists, Jeff Huntington and Jimi Davies (Jah-Haha) come in and paint a mural on the wall of our warehouse.


They did an amazing depiction of the leading American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, Frank Lloyd Wright, and his presence now lives on within the Annapolis Design District. We hope that this mural not only gets people excited about more art coming to this area, but also inspires all of us here in the design world to continue to represent everything he and his work symbolize.

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If you’re interested in donating to our mural fund, please visit our GoFundMe page: ADD Murals