Dear Mark and Staff at Kitchen Encounters,
This letter is long overdue considering we first contracted with you in January of 2010.  Having completed our kitchen and three bathrooms, I felt it necessary to express in writing, how completely thrilled we are with the results!

From start to finish, each project went so smoothly, renovating has never been more fun.  Mark, working with you on the kitchen was a delight. You expertly guided us through the design and selection process and pairing us with the contractors you recommended was spot on!  They are fantastic! So easy too work with.  We loved their laid back perfectionism. (Is that a word?) We still get compliments and inquiries as to whom designed our kitchen.  Having used it for three years, we still would not change a thing.

Once the kitchen was completed, our active little minds started churning away, knowingwe found the perfect designers and builders to construct a master bathroom that we always dreamed we would have.  Now, when I enter the bathroom in the morning, i feel like I am in a luxurious hotel on vacation.  A great way to start the day.  We love your design!  And, of course, working with you – again – on this project was like stepping into your favorite jeans.  A perfect comfortable fit!

I could go on and on with praises and accolades because you all are exceptional in your craft. But let me just extend my heartfelt thanks for all your hard work.  It truly was a pleasure!

With warm regards