We base our designs on a simple premise—that client-involved design leads to greater client satisfaction.

What to Expect

You’ll first meet with your designer to discuss the scope of your project reviewing any plans, photos, inspiration images, etc. that you may have and discuss what your goals are for the project. After this meeting, your designer will provide a proposal for our services which covers our scope of work for the design process. Upon acceptance of the proposal and payment of the fee our Interactive Design Process will begin.

Site Measure

Your designer will meet at your home to take detailed measurements of the space. If your project is new construction, we’ll work with your architect’s plan until framing is up at which point will do a final site measurement.

Interactive Design Options & Review

Your designer will prepare a number of design options for your space and review this with you at your home. This typically takes 2 – 3 hours. Each option will be reviewed discussing how it will work for you. At the end of this session, we’ll come up with a final design that may be a compilation of a number of presented ideas.

Detail & Selections

After the design process is complete, your designer will meet with you in our showroom to review the final design, select the specifics of your cabinetry and select your door style and finish. Your designer will then complete detailed AutoCAD floor plans and elevations of your space, work on specifications and pricing of your project. They will also provide your contractor with a Construction & Installation package to assist with the installation process.

Our White Glove Delivery Service

Your cabinets will be delivered to the job site using our white glove delivery service and will be placed inside your home where designated. Our Operations Coordinator will be on site for the delivery to the job site at which point an inventory will be reviewed and product inspected.

Ongoing Customer Service

During the installation process our Operations Coordinator will work to resolve any service issues that arise. This service continues even after the project is complete.