We recently had our showroom powder room redone here at Kitchen Encounters!

We wanted to bring a soothing, zen kind of feel to the space, while adding a significant amount of storage for some of our sample doors. We’ve had a vessel bowl vanity that had been in our showroom for a few years that we were hoping to incorporate into the space. The vanity was accompanied by a copper-orange framed mirror, and instead of a backsplash, we incorporated an accent wall of faux slate tile, giving an almost Asian flair.

One of our cabinet lines, Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry, recently came out with co-planar sliding door hardware that we wanted to integrate into our showroom. Sticking with the Asian-fusion style we wanted to bring to the powder room, we chose a Shoji-type doors with Steamed Euro-Beech wood in a natural finish and frosted glass inserts. We carried the Natural wood trim around the perimeter of the room, as well as framing the window.

We also created a partition cabinet between the toilet and the sink with the matching Natural Euro-Beech wood. On the side facing the toilet, there’s a smaller door that slides back and forth to allow for storage space.

We brought in a decorative painter, Suzi Wood, of Wood Design Group, to do a raw silk type of finish in a really nice silvery gray that compliments the frosted glass in the Shoji doors.

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Come by and check it out during our regular showroom hours!

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