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Wow- appliances are in, hardware has been placed, and the wood top bar has been installed! This kitchen has come a long way since March! Now that the last few things are wrapping up, and Mike and Alex are getting ready to settle into their new home, we asked them a few questions about the whole process.

Kitchen Encounters: So far, what has been the hardest part of the renovation process?

Long-Leonard: The amount of time each various item needs. One thing can’t be completed without the other. It’s been frustrating to wait for all the pieces to fall into place. The amount of decisions was also overwhelming. Light switch placement, knob locations, paint colors, faucets, lighting location, etc- we never realized how many decisions have to be made when remodeling a home!

KE: Are you getting anxious to move in?

LL: Yes, very! We have boxes ready to go and are hoping that the movers will make the process as painless as possible.

KE: Is there anything you would change at this point?

LL: Not one bit! The floors are almost complete and look amazing- they really tie the whole house together, creating the open concept we wanted. The cabinets are beautiful and the appliances look great!

KE: At the beginning of the reno, you were questioning the position of the window in the kitchen. Do you have a more definitive feeling on that now?

LL: The window would have been lower than the counter tops, had we left it where it was, but our contractor convinced us to spend the little bit of extra money and get new windows installed. He thought it would look unfinished when complete. Now that the granite, cabinets, and new windows are in, we are really happy with the smaller window. It looks really good!

KE: Overall, what are your feelings on everything- the process, the work, the design, etc?

LL: The best way to explain it is an array of emotion. We have had such a great time designing our dream home but the little road bumps along the way definitely caused some minor anxiety attacks. We were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of choices that had to be made beyond the kitchen, but looking back, we are really happy we made those because the house looks exactly how we wanted it to!

This 1960’s house has undergone a huge transformation in the last few months and is now home to a young couple!

We will be sure to post up the final After photos as soon as the homeowners are settled into their new home!