If you know that a renovation or redesign is the correct answer to solve your kitchen problems (or any space, storage, function issues), then you’ve already overcome the first, and hardest step in the process. It also shows that you have a sense of creativity to know that what you have is just not working, and a willingness to take on a project. So, where do you go from here?

Well, it’s true what they say…. The powers of social media really do exist! Alexandra graduated from Severna Park in 2004 with Jessica White (me-your blog author!). She had seen that I was promoting Kitchen Encounters’ new website on my Facebook page, right at the same time that her and Michael realized they would need a kitchen renovation. Together, they reviewed the site and the portfolio of projects. They grew impressed with our company, so they called to schedule an appointment. After the first meet and greet with Mark T. White, CKD, CBD, owner of Kitchen Encounters, Mike and Alex knew they were in the best of hands with the amount of knowledge and attention to detail that was shown. Initially, there were some concerns with the budget and their ability to afford such great design and quality products, which Kitchen Encounters has built their reputation on. Through the design process, ongoing design consideration, many communications and discussions, and the ability to choose from a pool of multi-tiered cabinet manufacturers, they determined that they could get quality cabinets and the excellence in service they desired from Kitchen Encounters within their budget.

As mentioned in the first segment of this mini-series, the house was built in the early 1960’s and has had little to no work done since. Mike and Alex definitely wanted an open floor plan with an updated kitchen, and as you can see from the pictures below, this was going to take some work.

WP_20140130_010 WP_20140130_009 WP_20140130_004 WP_20140130_003 WP_20140130_001 WP_20140130_002

Some of their demands for the new kitchen were: having the sink near the window; open to the adjoining dining room and living room; professional gas range with hood; place for the dog bowls; white cabinets; charging station; ample counter and cabinet space; cook friendly; transitional style. To begin the process of reaching all of their goals, while maintaining functionality and opening up the space, Mark, along with assistant designer Brittany Reeves, AKBD, came up with at least half a dozen concept sketches, offering different ways of featuring all the design elements and necessities.


Concept 1Concept 2

Concept 3Concept 4

The homeowners then sat down with the design team and discussed each of the plans- why we included certain elements; how the location of each appliance would affect the rest of the work space; the foot path that each plan created in relation to the doors and other rooms; options to maximize the storage space in each layout; etc. all the while keeping the budget in mind. From that meeting, we came up with an even better idea of must-haves, along with some new found ideas that were definite no’s. Taking bits and pieces of several of the drawings, Mark created a compilation sketch, which best incorporated all the “must-haves”, while introducing some elements that the homeowners fell in love with.

Compilation Sketch

Stay tuned for more photos and insights into the process!