If you’ve been following our “Follow A Project” series for the last several months, then there’s no doubt you have been waiting to see the After shots of what was a cramped, dark kitchen from the 1960’s. So, with one final look at the ‘before’, here they are! 

WP_20140130_001 BEFORE

Providence Rd-7105 AFTER

Providence Rd-7161Providence Rd-7155Providence Rd-7146Providence Rd-7166Providence Rd-7112Providence Rd-7140Providence Rd-7136Providence Rd-7126Providence Rd-7176Providence Rd-7144


The palette of the new space is so clean and refreshing, and all of the homeowner’s selections blend together beautifully. Some of the design features include the pet niche under the message center as you enter the kitchen. The drawer in the message center contains outlets and USB ports so that all of their phones and tablets can be charged in one convenient location.

The breakfast bar is a walnut wood top with a dark stain, making a great transition from the kitchen to the dining area. The trough sink with a retractable faucet next to the stove makes it easy to fill up a pot, or to drain pasta or vegetables.

Rather than a standard microwave, the homeowners opted for the Advantium, which is really four ovens in one, with speedcook, convection, microwave sensor, and warming capabilities. The mid-height placement of the Advantium with the shallow cabinet above allows for a landing space to rest the food being prepared to give it a stir or check the temperature.

We all are thrilled with the results, and again, it was such a pleasure to work with Mike and Alex on creating their dream kitchen– just in time for them to host Thanksgiving Dinner!

Check in early 2015 for our next “Follow A Project” series, and thanks for tuning in!