The master bathroom and closet in this home were in need of a major redesign.

From the hallway you would go through the closet area which also had a vanity sink just to get into the bedroom. To use the bathroom you would go back through the closet area and enter a small poorly organized space with a small shower, another small sink area, the toilet and no tub. There was also a small two-part closet off the hallway that was a poor use of space. The only desirable features were the window (by the toilet) and the laundry chute in the hall closet (but it was not convenient to use).

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The biggest challenge was to design a new space that included all of the modern amenities within the existing footprint. We could not expand the available space but by completely reorganizing it we created a beautiful new bathroom with all of the features the homeowners wanted and an organized closet area to store everything. A new entry from the hall to the bedroom was installed and now you can enter the bathroom directly and with a quick turn get right into the closet. The narrow closet is filled with hanging space, shelves, drawers and cabinets with mirrored doors. The laundry chute was reworked to use from the master closet or a door built into the wainscot paneling of the hall.

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The new bathroom features white marble countertop, tub deck and tile work. The cabinets are a classic white inset style and the dark blue walls offer a nice contrast in the light, bright space.

The roomy shower includes a bench that becomes the tub platform with frameless glass enclosure and a steam generator. New double windows were installed with plantation shutters to allow privacy and a view of the waterfront. A heated towel rack is mounted on the wall that separates the toilet niche. Across from the toilet is a towel closet.

The inside wall that divides the bathroom from the closet features two sinks with three tall upper cabinets and lots of drawers providing plenty of storage for both users. The mirrors on the wall and cabinet doors make the space feel larger and reflect the natural light and nice view. The center cabinet was recessed into the closet wall to create more storage in the bathroom without encroaching into the narrow space.

The finishing touches of wall sconces, chandelier, beautiful hardware and nice molding make this bathroom the beautiful retreat the clients always wanted.