Clients of ours from a few years ago recently shared an article with us from their local paper talking about the ‘era of the Super Kitchen’.
It is really an interesting read about all of the day-to-day activities that are now being incorporated into modern kitchen design.
Along with the article, they included a nice note:

“If you have not seen this article, I thought that you may be interested… but are probably fully aware.
Just put on your thinking cap remembering your design for us in 2007 -2008.
Amazing that what you excellently planned and executed for us is what is now a major desire. We certainly desire it!
Once again…
GREAT job… which we appreciate, love, and enjoy MANY times each and every day…and night! Especially with our lighting. It is just superb~!!!!!!!”

Hearing how our clients LOVE their kitchens, even years beyond the completion of the project, is such an honor to us!
Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing the article!

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