We received the nicest note from a client who’s kitchen was done almost a decade ago:

“I contacted Kitchen Encounters for the paint color of my cabinets as I wanted to “spiff up” my house and paint the cabinets professionally.  My cabinets were installed 8 years ago and the paint was “bubbling up and chipping”.  I had no expectations from Kitchen Encounters except for them to tell me the color of the paint.  Instead of just giving me the paint color, they came out and inspected the cabinets and decided there was a factory manufacturing problem with the painting.  They worked hard with the factory to recognize that the paint was defective from the manufacturer.  Ultimately, I was able to replace most of my  defective cabinet fronts with entirely new fronts.  This was at no expense to me except for the labor to reinstall the fronts!  Kitchen Encounters was tenacious with the manufacturer to hold true to their warranty.  I  am appreciative to Kitchen Encounters beyond words.  They are reliable, trustworthy, tenacious, and loyal.”

It’s important to us that our clients know that even after their kitchen is designed, and the cabinets installed, that we will be readily available to assist if any issue arises with the cabinets. If it’s not something that we can fix ourselves, we will help them find the right person for the job!