As Featured in Annapolis Home Magazine

The kitchens below are very important spaces for those who live within them. What do they all have in common? Kitchen or interior designers are involved in each and every one.  A kitchen designer can help one select creative custom cabinetry and special details that met their own individual needs. You’ll notice hidden doors for appliances that rise to counter level, clever ovens, statuesque range hoods, elegantly-patterned mullions on cabinetry, vast slabs of beautiful marble, a range that looks like furniture. Form, it seems, has a new function—to create an environment where the body can rest and the mind focus. Today’s kitchens are spaces one wishes to linger in, whether a meal is being served or not. This, we believe, is the power of design. Take a moment to savor the details in these kitchens. We hope you find some ideas, especially if you are planning to remodel yours in the near future.

When an Annapolis homeowner contacted Mark White, owner of Kitchen Encounters, to help her with her dream kitchen, she already knew the basics of what she wanted. White had designed a kitchen for her previous home in 2003. Having relied on the talents of Interior Concepts and Purple Cherry Architects to help plan the structure, layout, and aesthetics of the interior design, she came to White to finalize the details and transform her vision into reality. The ultimate goal was a kitchen that was high-functioning, light, and bright.