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First Floor Transformation

As kitchen designers, one of our favorite parts of the Design Process is seeing the finished project!
This project involved a transformation of not only the kitchen, but the dining room and living room as well.
Check out the beautiful space, and then scroll down to see the before shots.

dsc_0050    dsc_0052

dsc_0073    dsc_0089

dsc_0097    dsc_0049

dsc_0046    dsc_0047

What makes our jobs even better is receiving lovely notes from our clients:

Dear Mark, Brittany and Jim,

It’s been an incredible journey, so I apologize for the delay in thanking you. You all have done so much for us thru the process of the kitchen remodel. Your eye for detail is amazing, and your follow thru, equally impressive. Your continual support, and readiness to correct things, we didn’t even notice, was astonishing.

We both feel like the whole first floor of our home has been transformed! We feel it is all due to your careful attention to what our vision was, and with your expertise, making it come to fruition. We have been singing your praises, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.

Thank you once again,

And here are the before’s:

imag00444    imag00446

imag00447    imag00450

imag00456    imag00459

Another lovely note from a client!

Clients of ours from a few years ago recently shared an article with us from their local paper talking about the ‘era of the Super Kitchen’.
It is really an interesting read about all of the day-to-day activities that are now being incorporated into modern kitchen design.
Along with the article, they included a nice note:

“If you have not seen this article, I thought that you may be interested… but are probably fully aware.
Just put on your thinking cap remembering your design for us in 2007 -2008.
Amazing that what you excellently planned and executed for us is what is now a major desire. We certainly desire it!
Once again…
GREAT job… which we appreciate, love, and enjoy MANY times each and every day…and night! Especially with our lighting. It is just superb~!!!!!!!”

Hearing how our clients LOVE their kitchens, even years beyond the completion of the project, is such an honor to us!
Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing the article!

Click here to read.


A Note from a Client

We received the nicest note from a client who’s kitchen was done almost a decade ago:

“I contacted Kitchen Encounters for the paint color of my cabinets as I wanted to “spiff up” my house and paint the cabinets professionally.  My cabinets were installed 8 years ago and the paint was “bubbling up and chipping”.  I had no expectations from Kitchen Encounters except for them to tell me the color of the paint.  Instead of just giving me the paint color, they came out and inspected the cabinets and decided there was a factory manufacturing problem with the painting.  They worked hard with the factory to recognize that the paint was defective from the manufacturer.  Ultimately, I was able to replace most of my  defective cabinet fronts with entirely new fronts.  This was at no expense to me except for the labor to reinstall the fronts!  Kitchen Encounters was tenacious with the manufacturer to hold true to their warranty.  I  am appreciative to Kitchen Encounters beyond words.  They are reliable, trustworthy, tenacious, and loyal.”

It’s important to us that our clients know that even after their kitchen is designed, and the cabinets installed, that we will be readily available to assist if any issue arises with the cabinets. If it’s not something that we can fix ourselves, we will help them find the right person for the job!

Client Testimonials

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is when our clients are so gracious and appreciative of what we do, and the relationships we form with them throughout the process.

Check out our Houzz profile to read just a few of the lovely reviews we have received:

Houzz Reviews

And be sure to look through our project photo books while you’re at it!


Houzz review- Hewes



A Lovely Note from a Client

I want to commend and thank Kitchen Encounters for their outstanding commitment to their customers. In 2008, they did an excellent job remodeling our kitchen. Unfortunately, a year ago, in 2014, the aluminum trim on some of the doors and drawers started to pull away. Kitchen Encounters immediately responded to our request to find a solution.  After coming back three times to make additional repairs as more of the trim came loose, it was determined that the only long-term solution would be to replace all the front panels.

From the beginning, Kitchen Encounters and the manufacturer took complete responsibility for the problem and its resolution.  Kitchen Encounters spent untold man-hours coordinating with the manufacturer to make sure the color and grain of the dozens of new doors and drawers exactly matched our kitchen.  Kitchen Encounters staff worked closely with us on scheduling to minimizing disruption to our household. We appreciated the professionalism of the carpenters and the expeditious execution of the job.

We are reminded once again of how important it is to employ local companies who have the integrity to stand behind their work even when problems occur. We believe Kitchen Encounters is the kind of company you can really count on.

Jurow_Wall After 1

Thank you for the letter of appreciation!


Houzz Updates

In the past week, Kitchen Encounters has received two new badges from Houzz!

Houzz Recommended 2015 Houzz Influencer 2015

The “Recommended” badge is awarded to only the top rated pros on Houzz and the “Influencer” badge is given to pros whose advice and knowledgeable posts are most appreciated by the Houzz community.

We also received a very nice review from a recent client:

Thank you for your kind words!

If you haven’t joined the Houzz community yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!!


Client Note

It’s always so nice to get messages from previous clients.. This couple recently reached out to us after completing their kitchen project in 2012, and are now looking to take on their Master Bath renovation.

“We continue to love our kitchen/sunroom/pantry/laundry room remodel. It’s added so much pleasure to our lives. We delight in the comfort and beauty of the space, and we are really using all the wonderful appliances we installed!”

Thank you for the kind words, we look forward to making your Master Bath as beautiful as your kitchen!

Jackson-2012-Kitchen-Bentwood-Traditional-Island, pilasters, hutch, woodtop, canopy hood-Harness Creek


Client Blog!

One of the fascinating things about the Internet is that once something is posted online, it’s there forever, and can turn up out of nowhere! We just came across this fabulous blog written by one of our clients from back in 2009! Take a look at the transformation:

Miller, Puna TJ

(This is the before- click to read the blog and see the finished project!)




Testimonial – Spring 2013

April 24, 2013

Attn: Mark White

Dear Mark,
We want to compliment Kitchen Encounters for creating our beautiful, well-planned, and exceptionally workable new kitchen and dining room.  The interactive process you and your staff have developed to help your clients identify their preferences and arrive at an outstanding esthetic design was simply remarkable.

The hands-on meetings in our kitchen to work out the design of the island for our relatively limited townhouse space were particularly commendable.  Absolutely nothing was left to chance and the results are a kitchen that is an inviting pleasure to be in.

We would recommend Kitchen Encounters to any homeowner needing a designer who can be trusted to do the job right.  Your process and recommendations truly resulted in an open environment and elegant transformation of the first floor of our home.